Our sound stages (Stage 1 / Stage 2) have been used for a multitude of productions, to include TV shows and pilots, Indie films, Satellite Media Tours, webcasts, commercial and corporate videos, music videos, live/audience-based, all types of chroma/virtual shoots, still photography etc.

We have a well-equipped Green Room for makeup and privacy, two additional lounges, as well as a wardrobe trailer.

You’ll find a relaxed environment, friendly staff, wireless internet throughout, available kitchen and limited on-site parking. Live YouTube Streaming, Fast Internet Connection



This 2970 square foot soundstage # 1, comes with a floating floor and is thus sound-rated.The stage has a 16’ lighting grid and pre-lit by three 6k space lights.

The green Cyc is pre-lit and large enough for virtually all chroma needs which can be utilized for music videos.

(Cyc can be painted to white if requested).

Black Duvetyne is available.

Dimensions: 16’ high (45’ x 66’)


This 2640 square foot sound-rated # 2 is slightly smaller than Stage 1, but having a higher lighting grid 18’.

It’s centerpiece, however, is the 180 degree Infinity Cyc, also pre-lit and augmented by three space lights, and can allow complicated and extended movement to be shot and captured. The Infinity is offered as all-green, all white, or a combination thereof, and can be used for smaller, static shots as well.

Black Duvetyne and Sky Blue Curtain is available.

Dimension: 18′ (44’ x 60′)

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.59.29 PM

To download the PDF studio rental presentation and for more information please CLICK HERE: TMW Studios.pdf

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